Maligning and Denigrating Animals

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Maligning and Denigrating Animals
Comments by Vegan - 7 Aug 2007

Wow, you have really got me thinking... I would like to thank the Christian Vegetarian Association for its mere existence. This is truly one place that can serve as a bond between fellow Christians in a non-hostile, non-self centered forum.

I feel just as you do, not only in social settings relating to particular groups such as vegan or otherwise, Christianity for me has always been a struggle in identifying myself as a "Christian" and all that is associated with that particular term. Though, I know that I have the basic beliefs described as Christianity, I tend to not agree or get along with most Christians. I also feel that when I say I do believe in the basic principals of the Bible, religion and or Christianity, I tend to be prejudged by others who have had negative experiences with Christian people. Like people in general-Christians are a very diverse group with different understandings. I feel many Christians who are loud and judgmental (yes, believe it or not, they do exist in contradiction with the Bible's interpretation of them) make it hard for the rest of us.

People don't always have positive Christian role models for them to base their perceptions on, and this can plant ¡§red- flags¡¨ for them when meeting or speaking with Christians who may not be like the negative examples they have encountered in the past. I find myself bursting with exuberance when I meet Christians who have the true understanding of what Jesus meant by non-violence and love, as if this understanding is so rare. I avoid church like the Plague, I try not to bring up Biblical reference in protests against animal cruelty with animal activists - I feel like all these things should go together-hmm...but only on this blog.

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