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Loving Nature

To us, a person cannot fully love God unless he or she also loves God's creation:

whether it's expressed in the form of Mary's painting at the top of the page, or in Carol Vito's photo of this winter wonderland,

or through the gentle beauty of this mother and child drinking water,

or the beauty of this spotted touch-me-not,

or through this cat and rat who prove that Isaiah's prophecy of a peaceable kingdom (11:6-9) is a reality,

or through this peaceful encounter with a mouse in a tree.

Comments by Rod Preece - 12 Jan 2003

Perhaps you didn't notice, Maynard, but Noah built a boat, and he did it by manipulating the artifacts of nature into something which nature had not provided. I.e., he intervened in, interfered with, controlled, mastered - use whatever term you like - nature to a benevolent end.

(Incidentally, Genesis 7 has the clean animals in 7s not 2s, which is genetically a much wiser course of action).

It would appear a complete non sequitur to argue from the fact that a great deal of intervention in nature has been harmful, and much that is recommended by the liberal intelligentsia is likely to be equally, if not more, harmful, to the conclusion that all intervention in nature is of necessity harmful. But, if you really think it is, Maynard, then, to remain consistent with your principles, the very first thing you must do is to stop using your computer - which is an entirely unnatural invention of the intelligentsia that fundamentally alters the character of natural life.


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Watercolor painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art
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