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Why Animal "Abusers" Aren't Concerned with Offending Us
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Comments by DeRonda E. Elliott - 5 November 2001

Well said, Frank!  I use the smoking analogy many times -- it changed because the non-smokers spoke up.  Health was also a primary concern, and I am sure that if meat-eating stops (or is significantly cut back) it will be because of anthropocentric reasons....i.e.; health.  No matter-- it just has to stop.

I know you know who Neal Barnard is.  One reason I like PCRM is that they are approaching this from a perspective that will probably make a difference -- and that is the health question.  Neal is as 'Animal Rights for compassionate reasons' as the rest of us -- but he and his group are using the human-centered approach.

I hope our theological approach will have some impact as well.

Rondy Elliott, MTS


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