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Why Animal "Abusers" Aren't Concerned with Offending Us
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Comments by DeRonda E. Elliott - 7 November 2001


Thank you for your suggested response to Lisa (and the rest of us) when our fellow Christians make light of our values.  I have been teased and made fun of so often by people who share my Christian / Catholic faith, and I often wish I could think of a response that would be effective, yet not hostile.  That one is good.  I'll use it next time!

Since I have become vegetarian and active in the Animal Rights Movement, I have felt increasingly alienated from others in a way I never did before.  I'm a very 'mainstream' person in other ways, and most of my old friends are in the 'in crowd.'   It has been difficult, but I have never regretted my new life and my new choices.   I keep telling myself that to be a Christ-follower does mean that you must often go against mainstream thought -- Jesus of course did this, so why shouldn't we?

Perhaps this is not the venue for expressing things like this, but the support I have felt, just knowing that there are other Christians out there who eat as I do and believe as I do has been tremendously encouraging.  It's lonely going against centuries of traditional thought!  Thank you for the establishment of CVA and I do hope this is not an inappropriate use of the group.

As Tom Regan always signs off his letters, "Yours in the Struggle,"

Rondy Elliott, MTS, RN


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