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Why Animal "Abusers" Aren't Concerned with Offending Us
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Comments by Frank L. Hoffman - 3 November 2001

Dear Lisa and Others:

Your comment: "Well, today I find myself wondering why the people who torture turkeys and beagles aren't at all concerned about offending ME!!" speaks of the problems of our society, which includes our churches.

You are not alone in your feeling of being offended by the animal abusers of this world.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of animal abusers have been given a "right" by our society to not only abuse these animals, but also to offend us.

At the crack of dawn hunters have a "right" to startle us out of our sleep and disturb our peace by firing from ambush at defenseless animals who they have lured to their death. And our newspapers have a "right" to publish photos of the smiling faces of these killers with their victims.

Factory farmers have a "right" to stuff animals into small cages and pens.  Slaughterhouses may not have a legal right, but our governments refusal to enforce our laws, have given them a "right" to torture animals to death.   And we could go on and on with similar examples.

Up until just recently, smokers also had a "right" to pollute the air of non-smokers, and even blow smoke in their faces and trap us in public places, but society has taken that "right" away.  Why? Because the abuse of smoking was causing health problems, and society was willing to take a stand against.  The eating of animals and their by-products is probably causing even more health problems, but society is not ready to take a stand against it.  We need to change this!

We can and must take a stand against it.  We need to let others know that their actions (abuse of animals and eating them in our presence) are offending us.   The more outspoken we are, in a polite but firm manner, to more our collective voices are going to be heard and the closer we will come to ending the abuse, just as is happening with smoking.

If a pastor is a hunter, we have a right to say that such actions offend us.   If the church has a time of sharing the joys and concerns, and someone speaks of the joys of hunting or eating dead animals, then we have a right to express our concerns publicly in church and say how and why such things offend us and that we are praying against such things.

It's time for us, who are truly sensitive to the pain and suffering of this world, who desire to be the peacemakers and children of God, to exercise our right to speak our mind and to tell other how much we are offended by their actions and how and why we believe that what they are doing is ungodly.

In the Love of the Lord,



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