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Why Animal "Abusers" Aren't Concerned with Offending Us
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Comments by Lisa Hadler - 3 November 2001

I've had some experiences recently that make me feel more and more strongly about animal rights issues.  I probably just need to vent for now, but I also wish there were more people around me who shared my feelings!!

Yesterday, as I was driving home from a hospital visit, I was passed by a truck hauling turkeys.  It pulled in right in front of me and stayed there for several miles.  At first, I thought the turkeys in the cages were dead, because they didn't move.  Then one tried to run around in its cage, and found that there was no room to move.  There were three or four large turkeys in cages that MIGHT fit one comfortably.  The cages were completely exposed, so that the birds had no protection from the cold wind in a truck going 65-60 mph.

I was just heart sick to see live creatures treated this way, and to think what lay ahead for them.  I actually had to pull off into a gas station and just calm myself down.

When I got home, I had an e-mail from a friend who had been demonstrating in Little Rock, AR last weekend.  She was telling me about the company she was protesting, Huntingdon Life Sciences.  She forwarded pictures of BEAGLES!! in small cages, waiting to be experimented on (and subsequently killed, apparently).  I gave my own beagle companion a hug, and offered a prayer for those poor beags suffering for the "good" of human beings.

Am I the only one for whom it becomes harder and harder to live among those who see animals as just ebbing here for our use?  I noticed on the CVA website that the leadership is looking for denominational reps, and I've been considering doing that work with the UCC.  But I'm always a little timid about offending anyone.  Well, today I find myself wondering why the people who torture turkeys and beagles aren't at all concerned about offending ME!!

I really feel the need to do something.  Honestly, I almost thank that, if that truck had pulled into the gas station where I stopped, I'd have had trouble keeping from either confronting the driver or opening cages and letting the birds out.  I think I understand why the ALF people do what they do!

Well, mostly I'm just ranting, but I needed a safe place to do that.  Now, what do I do with all this righteous indignation?  I'm open to suggestions.

Thanx for listening!



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