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Why Animal "Abusers" Aren't Concerned with Offending Us
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Comments by Lisa Hadler 6 November 2001

Thanks for your many responses to my experiences of last week.  I continue to see how much we as a culture assume that animals are here for our use, and it continues to upset me.  One thing I find myself wondering is why I'm so sensitive to these things now, when once I cared no more than anyone else.  I keep wondering if I had some kind of "conversion" experience without being aware.  At any rate, I am now keenly aware of the abuse of animals that goes on all around me all the time.

Newest examples -- the guy who, at a church potluck Sunday, dropped a hunk of meatloaf on my plate without asking me, because "you can't live on rabbit food like that!"  The "rabbit food" included a very filling green bean casserole and porkless baked beans (why do beans need meat added to them?!) that I made myself, scalloped corn, baked apples, and yes some lettuce salad, and homemade bread.   Rabbits should eat so well!

Or my next door neighbor who was in the back yard cleaning some poor dead animal he'd gone hunting for.  Well, not hunting really.  He also had two traps he was hosing down as well.  How can you clean all that blood off of a torture device and not realize that you've caused pain to a creature God loves?

More and more, I'm thinking I need to get out of Iowa, because my values just clash head on with those of rural Iowa.  I miss Champaign now, because though I wasn't veggie at the time (it took Iowa to do that!), most of my friends were veggie and many were vegan.  I have apologized to them for those times when I snickered at their choices!

Well, thanks again for hearing and understanding.  I'm afraid that if you all weren't out their in cyberland, I'd be annoying my poor congregation to the point where I wouldn't have one!


Grace and peace,



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