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Why Animal "Abusers" Aren't Concerned with Offending Us
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Comments by Mike Shaw - 6 November 2001

Hi Lisa and Others,

After church Sunday I came home for some lunch and snacked on some granola and soya drink watching the TV.  I was surfing the channels when I came upon a picture of a beautiful deer... then, I heard voices of people whispering about how beautiful it was and then they shot it in the chest and it just dropped.  The two hunters climbed down from their perch and with great excitement ran over and looked at their kill.  The two hunters, one female the other male, picked up the head of the deer and spoke about how large its antlers were and how it must of been about 7 years old.  The hunters were so excited.... My question is WHY?  I have never understood hunting or fishing even back when I ate meat.  Now 16 years strong as a vegetarian I find it even more puzzling.

I really don't understand the evil...  The way they kill dogs in Korea, the Canadian Seal hunt here in Canada where I live and the slaughter of Wolves here in Ontario Canada for $40 a skin.  They snare them for shooting would ruin the fur.  I don't get it...

Lisa it was your email about your neighbour that brought these thoughts to mind as I sit here... It helps keep the fire lit under my seat so that I don't sit back too long without doing something.  I protest a lot and I write letters to churches and governments.  And any time I think it is too cold outside to protest or too raining, I just think of the animals and it is no effort at all to get me out there.

Mike Shaw


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