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Why Animal "Abusers" Aren't Concerned with Offending Us
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Comments by Stephen R. Kaufman - 3 November 2001

Hello, Lisa.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and feelings.  Many of us share your sentiments.

For me, activism is a form of therapy.  I would be in despair thinking about the suffering and death of countless innocent creatures, if I did not feel I was helping, in my own limited way, to relieve their misery.  At the CVA web site, we've got some suggestions for activism at a local level.  I strongly encourage people to work within their faith communities, doing things like giving talks and distributing literature (such as our Q&A pamphlet "What Would Jesus Eat...Today?").  Just as importantly, we need to reach out to the general public, where a more secular approach is probably advisable.  Set up a table at a public event, and distribute literature like Vegan Outreach's effective "Vegetarian Living" pamphlet.  Contact me if you'd like a copy.  You need to be a little aggressive and ask passers-by if they would like some recipes (if you have them) and literature about vegetarianism.  Many will take it, and few are nasty about it (but the work does sometimes require rather thick skin).

I see you may be interested in working with the UCC.  I distributed over 1000 copies of our Q&A pamphlet at the UCC / Disciples of Christ General Synod this Summer.   I'm currently working on a resolution for the UCC to "Explore Plant-Based Diets from a Christian Perspective."  If you or other UCC members want to work with me on this, that would be great.  If people affiliated with other denominations want to do something similar, contact me privately and we can discuss the possibilities.

Those interested in joining the CVA and getting periodic updates should visit .

In Christ's peace,



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