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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Erika - 2 Dec 2008

In Reference to: The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving

I just wanted to issue my concern for the post script section of this article. One part on particular:

"We have excess children—millions of them from over breeding in countries like Africa. You see them teeming around on those bleeding-heart TV commercials, worthless, filthy little balls of human dung, of no use to anyone. Let’s factory farm and slaughter the millions of unwanted, abandoned children swarming like lice all over Africa—and South America and India, too. It would give us humans an outlet for our natural cruelty and brutality. Better torture human children than animals—the poor animals are way more helpless. This would have the additional advantage of “decreasing the surplus population,” as Dickens phrases it. A solution to ridding us of all those AIDS orphans in Africa, and the millions of disposable refugee children created by the inevitable fruitless insane wars on that continent. The starving, abandoned, refugee, AIDS-orphaned children of the world are of no use to anyone. They would, however, be useful, practical outlets, in human factory farms and slaughterhouses, for our vicious tendencies to hurt the helpless"

This is of great concern. This type of thinking goes against what Jesus taught us. Animal cruelty is wrong, but so is cruelty to humans, especially children. Children are just as helpless as the animals that are enslaved in the slaughterhouses. Jesus taught that we show mercy to everyone. This author is greatly disturbed and should not speak such atrocities. It doesn't help the animal rights movement or bring peace to Earth. I pray that God opens her mind and helps her repent for thinking such horrors. Saying what she does, defames vegetarians, vegans, and compassionate people everywhere. No one deserves tortures, whether human or animal.

God Bless,


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