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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Arvina - 21 Dec 2009

In Reference to: In Praise of "The New Welfarism"

Frank and Mary,

Not yet. But I am looking for Vegan recipes. I ordered 4 Vegan books from Amazon.com and they have just came.

My husband is in the end stage of respiratory disease from smoking and alcohol use. He could be a poster child. My husband was a meat and cheese eater, with the potato being his vegetable. No whole grains and no vegetables. Nothing healthy. Now he eats TV dinners, the ones with the mystery meat patty, with mashed potatoes and corn or macaroni and cheese. He won't eat a vegetable at all. He has to drink a V8 juice every day for his vegetables, a lemonade for prevention of bladder stones, and an Ensure for nutrition. He will not eat, taste, or even try something that he does not like.

On the other hand, I try to eat as I should. I eat a lot of beans, greens, whole grains, and fruit. Whole grain of some sort for breakfast, fruit for lunch or snacks, and beans/greens with some sort of whole grain for dinner. I use olive oil now instead of bacon grease. I eat a variety of nuts and seeds. My health is not good, but I have outlived my brothers, one of which died at 42 from diet/stress. My family are diabetics, which I am not. They have heart disease which I do not. I do have an electrical problem with my heart though that the doctors have been unable to do anything about. I just wish that I had known about this lifestyle from birth. It has relieved me of the heavy burden of guilt for the present time. I can't undo the past, but the future is up to me.

You really have a lot of material on your website for the serious dedicated individual. You seem to have a purpose driven life. I have some friends who are lacking in that area. They do not have any idea in how a comparison of their lives versus ones with a purpose stacks up. People like you really make a difference. It has been a pleasure talking with you and to be allowed the use of your website.