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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Marcia Mueller - 15 May 2010

In Reference to: Say No to Sanctified Animal Abuse

Using "Christian" to validate suffering and death (bowhunting, etc.) and not speaking out against organized animal abuse, such as bullfighting and factory farming, certainly makes God look bad. How can a just and merciful God condone the suffering of the creatures He created by not judging their abuse sinful, by not punishing the perpetrators, and by not granting the animals an afterlife to make up for it. At least, that is what most Christian theologians would have us believe is the Church position.

That is why some of us have left the Church and are trying to make up for its lack of concern for animal suffering, its fear of alienating hunters, bullfight enthusiasts, and factory farmers, and its support of those who profit by the abuse of the rest of creation.

Marcia Mueller