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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Mike - 7 Jul 2010

In Reference to: Cruelty Reaches Further Than Pets

Many will read this terrific article and agree all the way down to the last line where it says “vegetarian”. At that stage they may get a mental image of some poor pale, insipid, thin vegetarian and remember the message so often shoved at them that meat is a necessity. That’d be a tragedy as that message is completely false.

Despite the meat industry paying Sam Neil to falsely claim that meat is “an essential part of the diet”, it is certainly not. Millions of people live healthy, active lives without it.

A simple search on the web for vegan bodybuilders and athletes will show that even extreme athletes thrive without animal products.

I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years or so – vegan for about 8. I’ve never been healthier. So please don’t give up at the bottom line – make a little effort to find out how to be veg and give it a try. More power to you, Jenny.