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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Stephanie Archibald - 10 Nov 2010

In Reference to: Sex Assaults Make Animals of Humans

It saddens me how much animal cruelty there is and the vast amount of different types of cruelty also.

When I look at an animal, I see an equal, and it baffles me that most people don't. I think it is so special to have animals around us and that love us.

Today as I was sitting in bed having my morning cup of tea my cat Ringo came and sat on my chest, closed his eyes and purred. I think it is so wonderful to have this little creature, a relative to the tiger and lion willingly come and sit with me and love me so much. I feel privileged to have him a part of my life, to pat and hug whenever I like.

Humans are so lucky to have other wonderful animals amongst them and yet they show no gratitude only violence and torture or a blind eye.

Also, if you love animals, go to Animals Australia and sign up to get a pack sent to you to help spread the word that animal cruelty is not on. You can also offer to volunteer.

Stephanie Archibald