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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Charmaine - 21 Nov 2010

In Reference to: Pig Talk

Thank you for this wonderful article about sentience and metacognisant behaviour? in pigs (and other animals too).

I recently posted a question in my blog group to members asking them what it would mean to them if they knew that animals have metacognisant capability? Would they eliminate animal flesh from their diets?

Some were interested in discussing this issue and other simply replied outright that it would make no difference to people's dietary choices!

I cannot understand how someone having such knowledge would simply continue to slaughter animals and use terms such as humane and more humane, knowing full well that the animal knows beyond doubt what is coming and probably why.

I'm not sure what to say to those that are more ready to change the way they think and drop their morals before they are prepared to change their habits.

With thanks for good articles read on your pages,