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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Tom Lindemann - 2 Dec 2010

In Reference to: Where the Animals Went: The End of the Catskill Game Farm

Good morning,

My name is Tom Lindemann; I'm the grand-nephew of Roland Lindemann and had the pleasure of visiting our relatives since the late 50's.

Ever since I had the displeasure of meeting Jurgen Schulz back in the 60's when he married my cousin Kathy Lindemann. I'm on the side of the animals, and as an amateur cryptozoologist (bigfoot stuff)

I believe Jurgen is the evil one here as once he told me when I worked for my uncle Roland one summer of how in his South African zoo park they would run of natives and kill them and then laughed about it. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and only sixteen years old at that. This is Jurgen Schultz and some of my comments are on line for the hole world to see.