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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Lena Smith - 8 Jan 2011

In Reference to: International Protection for Seahorses Takes Effect


I'm Lena. I'm a Lady of 74 from Yellville AR, and my Great granddaughter and I have spent all day on this Computer looking at Seahorses, We really enjoyed the shows.

She is from Southern MS and did not know that seahorses were really real. It seams to me that I saw a show on TV some time ago that brought out the things that I have read today.

Since AETN has an awful lot of reruns on Nature, why not more shows like this? The Whales Plea seems to have worked and other animals too. Do you think you could get them to show that a time or two instead of things that well, instead of 4 of the same show in one day.

Thanks For a Fun day

Yours truly.

Lena Smith