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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by S - 17 Mar 2011

In Reference to: Michael Jackson Did Not Love Animals


It was this article:

The author who wrote this isn't shy about calling Michael every name in the book and it is obvious she hates him for reasons that have nothing to do with animals. I believe she uses that as her outlet to trash him. What she describes is nothing like what it was really like. I've actually been to Neverland numerous times and I know Michael on an intimate basis - that article is biased and untruthful.

As for his diet, he was a vegetarian for a long time but that changed a bit as he got older. From what I observed, his diet was mostly plant based and organic. Any meat dishes is a rarity, except for the occasional KFC trip. I don't agree with eating animals, obviously, but that doesn't mean someone can say he doesn't care. I know him and believe me, he truly does.

Of course, it is only a suggestion. I saw the 'Write us with your comments' and had to stick up for my dear friend. He isn't the monster some people portray him to be.

Thank you for writing back,