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Our Animal Rights Articles
Comments by Val - 9 Jun 2011

In Reference to: Carl...One Calf Rescued

To me the story of the mother cow and her baby is one of the saddest. These poor little calves, just babies, are taken from their mothers, thrown in the back of a truck frightened and hungry, to either be slaughtered or locked up in a stall to be fattened up and killed later. After enduring months of being confined they end up on the table as veal. These little babies, known as 'Bobby" calves, are also used in the cruel 'Rodeos' where they are jumped on, wrestled to the ground by the Bully Boys, cowboys? Some times their little bodies are broken, then they are dragged, by a rope around their neck to be disposed of later.

Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things -man -will not himself find peace. [Albert Schweitzer].