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Our Animal Rights Articles
By Sam - 22 Aug 2011

In Reference to: Helping India's Captive Elephants

In fact, India may well be one of the very few Asian countries with laws protecting ‘non-human life’. There are the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain philosophies, but also widespread corruption preventing laws being implemented, and ugly scenes like the clubbing to death of street dogs. – Buddhism may well be the ONLY hope for animals in China, with the Dalai Lama unexpectedly winning a resounding long-term victory to hopefully last for good!

In the meantime, many people in Europe/the West do not see why – if many Asian, Latin American and African countries consider laws on the protection of animal life to be counter-productive or ‘futile’, and refuse to ‘take orders’ – they should take orders from them in the field...

In spite of all sorts of things going wrong in The USA as well as Europe, you (the U.S.) do have your hearts in the right place, if you allow me to say so. And instances like Peta, the Humane Society and the ASPCA, not to mention your own (and to name but a few!) doing wonderful work. Only in the USA does a broadcaster ever ask to “give a thirsty plant a drink” on a scorching hot day.

So thank you again for the wonderful work you are doing. I wish you Godspeed and many, many more years of successful campaigning!