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Our Animal Rights Articles
By Alexi - 9 Aug 2012

In Reference to: Is There a Kinder Side of Veal?

Hello Frank and Mary,
I am finding it difficult to understand!

If people didn't eat meat then where would the animals go? We have not got enough room for all the different kinds of people flooding the UK now, we would be over run with them and the animals that nobody would eat, if God didn't want us to eat and drink dairy and meat products then why give them to us in the first place?

Plus I feel that eating a whole plant food diet would not only be boring but situations would arise where the summers be too wet or dry and we as a country would not be able to produce/grow the whole plant diet, then a disease would be invented to kill such crops an so on.  I am a small holder type, and breed sheep and cattle for my own consumption, only so I know that it has not been imported from anywhere, and it hasn't been fed on anything it shouldn't, I personally don't have to eat meat, I choose to.