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Our Animal Rights Articles
By Fran Tatu - 13 Sep 2012

In Reference to: Big Step Forward for Rights of Dolphins and Whales

Dear All Creatures,
After spending the summer near the ocean, on Orcas Island, WA, and visiting Sea Shepherd's offices on San Juan Island, I became aware of the plight of marine animals, including dolphins, whales, and sharks. I returned to Austin and coincidentally was invited to join a rally to raise conscious about the killings about to begin in Taiji, Japan ("The Cove). This led me to realize the marine circuses, such as Seaworld, ought to all be shut down. These mega million dollar money-making machines are using forced labor to entertain an ignorant public and fuel the industry of capturing cetaceans, who often then receive sub-standard care and live out lives of desperation, forced to perform as much as 7 x's a day, begging for frozen dead fish to survive.
This sickens me, as a vegan and as a Buddhist who believes all beings have the right to be free from pain and suffering. I am organizing a peaceful demonstration in front of Seaworld San Antonio, and wonder if there's a anything you can offer in the way of advice, "ground support," and any reasons that it would not be a good idea to protest. Does this Seaworld have any redeeming qualities I need to know about before we show up? I am open minded and do not wish to harm anyone. I am dedicated to defending those that cannot defend themselves, in this case captive animals being held and possibly mistreated in Seaworld, San Antonio.
Many thanks,

Fran Tatu
Tree of Life Sanctuary
Austin, TX