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Our Animal Rights Articles
By Maria Rosenthal - 4 Mar 2013

In Reference to: Michael Jackson Did Not Love Animals

Dear from All-Creatures,

I read your article about Michael Jackson’s animals. Everyone, who knew Michael throughout his life knows that his love for animals was lasting and genuine. He loved animals since he was a very young buy and always had many animals around him. In his Hayvenhurst home in Encino, the animals were known to walk around freely – and just for your information: So they did in Neverland!

Steven Spielberg said how he was surprised but delighted to see how the elephants in Neverland walked around just outside the window – but soon you got used to that. The cages you show on your pictures, were cages that were built as temporary cages, until bigger ones were built – and no elephant actually lived in those cages.

I am horrified to read how you describe Michael without having a CLUE as to know who he was and how he cared for his animals. And that psychologist… Oh my… Jana Kohl… where did she get her wise thoughts about Michael from? The tabloids? Sounds like it.

It is an amazingly disrespectful article you have written.

Here is a picture of Michael’s elephants – they look rather happy, don’t they…?

Michael Jackson's Elephants

Please reconsider your article –

Kind regards,

Maria Rosenthal