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By Linda - 25 Sep 2013

In Reference to: Teaching Kids Kindness vs. Killing


I read the subject article and felt it was extremely well-written and relevant.  I abhor hunting in all forms and was stunned to learn the tactics hunter's groups are taking to induce young people into what they refer to as a "sport" but what, in my opinion, is abject cruelty.

Shooting doves is horrendous - I have these beautiful birds are my feeders year-round and a pair nests near my yard each year.  I love them as I also love every bird, mammal and reptile.  Deer are one of my favorite animals, and to hear Tom Campbell talk about taking a youngster hunting and killing what he even calls "a magnificent animal" is disgusting.

How can anyone kill such a beautiful, graceful product of Creation?  I have loved antlered animals as far back as I can remember, maybe because when I was three years old my parents to me to Yosemite, where they had honeymooned, and I fed the deer until a ranger told them it could be dangerous, as the deer could strike me with their front hooves.  This stands to reason, as my little dogs will paw me with their front feet when they want a treat!  Maybe that experience stuck in my mind, for I do love deer and become upset every time I think of the hundreds of thousands of them that are hunted each year.

Sometimes I feel helpless, but I started a blog called " A Humane Life" and I hope that if I can write about kindness, and even change one person's heart, then I am doing something.

Please keep up the great work that you do.  I get a lot of my information from your website. 

Best regards,


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