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By Melanie - 3 Jan 2014

In Reference to: Chicken Talk: Peeps and clucks in a network of communication

To Whom it May Concern,


I just read the article at this site.  It's just wonderful!

I raised chickens when I was younger.  They're amazing animals.  I loved listening to the mother hens singing lullabies to their chicks as they laid under their feathers.  Such wonder memories.  Our kids think it's silly when I show them how it sounded and talk about Jesus and how he gathers us and essentially adopts us into his fold.  My parents purchased fertilized eggs.  

Occasionally I point out to our kids how amazing mother hens are and how good they are at picking up the hormonal differences there are in fertile and infertile eggs.

When I was younger, I noticed/didn't notice the language contribution that our roosters had on our farms, yet I remember quite well that they seemed to have quite a pecking order of sorts too.  =)  

Your article shared a lot of important information that opened my eyes quite a bit more.

It was fun to have them as one of my responsibilities.  Free-range is the way to go!



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