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Comments by Betty - 19 Apr 2010

In Reference to: Thomas A. Edison

What exactly were the quotes referred to that prompted all this? Was Edison actually referred to as a vegetarian role model, or did he supposedly just make a statement as far as ideal human behavior and/or what was working for him at the time?

I personally don't think much any more about who was or wasn't a vegetarian unless I hear it directly from the person. So often, I've been disappointed to learn later that people such as Clint Eastwood and others really weren't vegans or vegetarians contrary to what PETA or someone else said about them.

When I think of a vegetarian role model, though, I would probably consider someone such as Paul McCartney, who has supposedly been a vegetarian for a long time and is a spokesperson for animals. Even then, we really don't know what someone does every minute of their lives.

I am glad this subject was brought up, though, because we spend the winter near Edison's home, and I remember something being said a long time ago about his experiments on animals. I had wondered about it and never bothered to do much research on it.