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Comments by Ian McIsaac - 1 Mar 2011

In Reference to: Frederic Addison McGrand

My name is Ian McIsaac and I saw your site and the quote below.

The quotation was made by my grandfather Dr. Frederick (Addison) McGrand of New Brunswick (Canada). His quotation is similar to many of the others on your site in the idea that life is sacred no matter what form and we have a duty as humans to nurture and respect it.

He learned about treating animals humanely from growing up on his family farm and observing how people treated their farm animals and some of the causes and effects of cruelty. He was a respected humanitarian and a founder of the Canadian Humane Societies and its first president. He was a doctor, a Canadian senator and a lover of animals as you are.

Thank you for including him on your site.


Ian McIsaac