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Religion United For Ecology (RUFE)
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 11 Jun 2007

Dear Norman:

We agree with what you are trying to do, but believe that we must lay out the whole problem from the start. GMO is a sleeping time bomb, but animal factory farming is a real an present danger and is polluting the air, water, and soil, and is, to the best that we can determine, doing more environmental damage than anything else.

We have the following comments to your introduction:

You wrote: "My experience has shown me that the world's religions are not deeply in agreement on theology. However, they are deeply in agreement on the sanctity of Creator's Earth," ...

We disagree. Human destructive ways have largely gone unchallenged by world religions. In fact, some have actually encouraged its rape. This has been particularly true among Christians.

You wrote: "...and the necessity of Man to protect and safeguard it. There are far more people who practice a religion in the world than there are government and corporation employees; the people who are responsible for making ecology laws and policies that either harm or preserve the environment.

This is also a problem, because in the US, for example, about 90% of the people consider themselves to be religious, and 85% Christian, and the right wing rejects almost all efforts to improve the environment, particularly when it comes to animal issues.

There many band aid approaches to solving environmental problems such as using energy saving light bulbs and not washing cars, and while these things do help, they do almost nothing to solve the major problems.

The single most man-made destructive force in the world today is animal agriculture...(more to come)

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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