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Religion United For Ecology (RUFE)
Comments by Bernie Coombs - 13 Jun 2007

In reference to:

"Children! World-wide; are an important component of this restoration; due to their innate sense of decency and purity, and this essential movement certainly does not reject, but encompasses those who cannot conceptualize God, but believe in biological standards."

Take for instance - a goldfish in a small round glass bowl - it, in itself does not constitute any major biological crisis - but the poor fish swims endlessly around and around all of it's long boring life until it dies; but in the meantime being cherished daily with food and fresh water by one of those decent and pure children who love it, and do not realise or understand that the fish (which probably has a name and is muchly watched) was originally created or evolved to have it's freedom to race, jump and skylark in a fresh water river or large lake.

In Jesus' name:

Bernie (Australia)

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