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Religion United For Ecology (RUFE)
Comments by Richard H. Schwartz - 14 Jun 2007

Hi Frank and Mary,

I think the idea of having a religious environmental group that will stress the urgency of shifts toward vegan diets is an excellent one. Indeed, the more we read re global warming and other environmental threats and recognize the insanity of raising over 59 billion farmed animals annually worldwide, with all the environmental implications, the more necessary it becomes. I commend you and the other initiators of this idea.

I am sure that groups like CVA, SERV, JVNA and many other groups would support such an organization. And, as you know, there is already an abundance of information at the web sites of these and other groups to buttress the case for the new group.

So, please let us know how we might help to get things moving re this important initiative.

Many thanks,


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