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Religion United For Ecology (RUFE)
Comments by Veronica - 14 Jun 2007

Frank & Mary:

Are we considering a kind of national coalition which works locally to bring animal awareness to the agenda of our individual regions? As I mentioned on this list a couple of years ago, it would be wonderful to collectively design a workshop curriculum which individuals could plug into wherever they are located. A great example of this is what the International Institute for Humane Education does. Once a workshop, or a series of workshops are designed anybody could plug them into their own churches adult education offerings, and host the event themselves.

While the CVA video might be a great component of the program, my experience is that a fuller program, one that includes elements of environmentalism, and perhaps a peace connection, will pull in a larger less skittish audience.

Our group in Massachusetts (MAFA) offered such a program two years ago entitled, 'Honoring God's Creation'. We created a day long workshop which had an environmental class w/activity, a peace class w/activity and an animal advocacy class w/ discussion. We also had prayer and music at the beginning and at the end. It was a wonderful workshop, but in truth we were a little ahead of the curve as our particular UCC hadn't yet jumped on the environmental bandwagon.

We launched the workshop, after breakfast and a prayer, w/the video 'Keeping the Earth: Religious and Scientific perspectives on the environment'. It's narrated by James Earl Jones. Although there are many great video's out there which help others to MAKE THE CONNECTION, this one still holds up well.

Just a few ideas for now.


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