Religion United For Ecology (RUFE)

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Religion United For Ecology (RUFE)
Comments by Norman Hauptman - 16 Jun 2007

It is essential to remember and apply the wide range of ecological values that religions in GENERAL want to be involved with. To deeply dwell on one issue of the range of them may turn some off. We know that there are flesh eaters who are religious. We need to stress BIOLOGICAL INTENT of Creator, Not important that we ask the world religions to solve one issue from the range of issues, as important as it is, They may not be in synchronicity with that particular issue. There is time to focus on a particular issue later.. For now we need to get their ATTENTION. After that we get their AGREEMENT to participate in action. After that they act in concert

Whether or not you think PETA is a superbly run organization , it is a long standing one which has made progress over the years. They receive big public support. PETA and our project will be handed to our progeny to carry on. What Mankind has been doing for thousands of years will take years to reform

Norman Hauptman

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