Religion United For Ecology (RUFE)

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Religion United For Ecology (RUFE)
About RUFE - An Introduction

Norman Hauptman started Religion United For Ecology (RUFE) and sent us the following introduction and asked for our assistance in helping to organize this movement.

He continues:

I intend to rally the various religions to support a better Earth; to prevent further degradation and indeed to restore it to its intended biological design. This is a long term project. Humanity is a long term project.

There are far more people who believe in and/or practice religion world wide than who run the various governments and corporations who devise laws to stifle Mankind.

A local radio station will have me as a guest to start discussing this. This is an infinitesimal step. I also intend to present the issue on local cable TV, another small step.

A simplified, standard booklet will be devised that provides this message and appeal. It will be distributed widely around the world. Your participation is appreciated and necessary.


Making Earth Safer By Restoring Creator's Biological Standards

A Layman's & Theologian's Guide


This Guide is meant to inspire the diverse religions to unite in action to restore Creator's Biological Standards. This is a long term project. The climbing of a mountain begins with the first step (Chinese Proverb).

My experience has shown me that the world's religions are not deeply in agreement on theology. However, they are deeply in agreement on the sanctity of Creator's Earth, and the necessity of Man to protect and safeguard it. There are far more people who practice a religion in the world than there are government and corporation employees; the people who are responsible for making ecology laws and policies that either harm or preserve the environment.

Children world-wide are an important component of this restoration; due to their innate sense of decency and purity. Certainly this essential movement does not reject those who cannot conceptualize God, but believe in biological standards.

To be continued....

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