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By Denise - 20 Apr 2010

They were warned ahead of time. Yet still no forward prevention was taken and consistent action in keeping up with prevention measures were not even concerned. This type of shooting hasn't stopped. Until they make it right. Things like this would start a chain reaction...as we all know people tend to follow. Even the bad ones.

Admitting to the guilt would be the right thing to do. Not caring enough to keep up a warning so strong in advance would have certainly stopped this kind of horrible action.

I really hope that this kind of horrible sickening chain reaction stops. All it's making is the headline news. Know what I mean?

We are already on the map and certainly are accounted by the census we all have taken now. Nothing is ever good comes out of something like this.

Every time I see a story like this I turn back to the beginning of it all. The Thurston school shooting in Springfield Or.

The memory is a scar of which in some cases just won't heal.


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