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By Jeff - 26 Feb 2017

I saw your page.

My name is Jeff, and I was a teacher at the time at Thurston High School. I was in the breezeway not the cafeteria, so I did get pretty up close and personal.

I do have my own theories about the shooting.

I am currently contacting Kip as a way to heal myself. I also knew him a little bit because I had a few encounters with him in middle school. So I don't know if you were there, but if you were, you know how bad it was.

I will tell you the haunting thing for me is thinking about how he killed his parents. The mystery is why. I think he had enough of dad saying no more guns you have fucked up again. Maybe at first he is gonna scare his dad, but at some point something takes him over. It's bad enough where the solution is kill someone.

Once his dad was dead. All nets were off and he had to kill his mom, then wait all night. I think the school shooting was an after thought. If he wanted to shoot people at school he had a loaded 32 in his locker the day before, so the school was his way of saying fuck you world. The school made me kill my parents. He thought he would go out suicide by cop.

That's just a little more input.


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