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Comments by Bob - 14 Nov 2004

In reference to: 17 March 1996 - CONCERNING THOSE WHO HAVE EYES, BUT DO NOT SEE

Thank you very much for these words!

I first began receiving your sermons and reading them about 6 or 7 years ago when I was involved in a tragic trapping incident in the mountains behind our farm. At that point I also become a vegetarian and was searching for answers.

That is when I discovered your website and various e-mail lists. For a time I read the e-mail lists, but became discouraged by some of the rancor & discord voiced there. I ventured a comment on one of the list (one associated with All Creatures?) that meat eaters were not necessarily evil (for over fifty years, I had not considered the consequences of my meat eating), but maybe blind to the effects of their choices. I was attacked as a "butcher" by some on the list. I unsubscribed. I find myself even now, years later, questioning my choice.

I live in a culture of guns and hunting. I am a Jr. High teacher, and last year I came close to losing my job because I asked a student to critically think about what he meant when he said hunting was "fun." I was criticized through local newspaper articles and outraged parents stormed the school board with protests. It was a very difficult time. It is lonely here.

Anyway, your words today helped me deal with some things I have been struggling with in another area. One prayer that is always with me is a prayer for wisdom and understanding. As a Christian I seem to be out of sync with other Christians. I see Bush not as God's man for the moment. I see him as a real danger to the planet and its creatures. Since so many good people feel differently, I am constantly questioning my understanding--but I have to believe my prayers for understanding and wisdom mean something. But what about all the others who pray the same prayer, and have a drastically different understanding?

Thanks for listening,


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