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Comments by Arthur Poletti - 19 Mar 2006

In reverence to: 7 March 1993 - THE APPLICATION OF FAITH

Dear Frank & Mary:

Thank you again for another wonderful sermon. I especially like the words, God created plants for food and said it was very good. Later a concession was made saying it was okay to eat meat. As you know the man written Bible is filled with many changes and concessions. Words that could not be from God. Many changes to satisfy the times. Especially to satisfy mans greed plus the insatiable desire to perform acts of cruelty and murder to God's creatures. Mass murder that is going on every minute of the day around the world.

Where do they find the kind of people that massacre baby seals in Canada? Must be slaughterhouse workers that are using their vacation time to murder as many seals as possible in a short period of time. What could be more fun then this? I wonder how many people in the world enjoy murdering animals? I am sure the number is huge.

Frank and Mary, if everyone on earth felt the way you do how many animals would be harmed? Right, the answer is none. Thankfully you and people like you will one day bring an end to all the cruelty and killing of God's creatures.

For the sake of all animals.


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