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Comments by John Farmer - 25 Mar 2007


Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

Thank you for the sermon for today. It was very comforting to be reminded that I am not alone in my belief that there are very few who are heading down the true path and that feeling like one does not belong in this world is shared by others of the faith.

I was raised a Baptist and converted to Catholicism at about sixteen. This was because Christ's spirit came to me at that time and place.

Somewhere after that in 1970 I was led to the Calvary chapel in Costa Mesa. There I found acceptance and a true Christian spirit of love. This was despite my being a lifelong non-conformist and seemingly never feeling like I truly belonged anywhere. They made me feel like I was someone who mattered and did belong. I tried many churches in between. Today I am more confused and torn about where to put my allegiance. Truly there must be no particular 'religion' or church where one needs to belong in order to be a true Christian. It is okay to not go to churches whose doctrine and actions betray their faith. I thank God for giving me the ability to know when things are not right, yet still I long for fellowship.

I am deeply saddened that there are so many who are working against the Word when they proclaim to be the Lords' messenger and servants.

I thought about trying to infiltrate some of the local churches in order to bring them to the light of the hardened hearts. So much wrong is being done in His name and supposedly for His sake or with His blessing it hurts my soul to the marrow to think about.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that even though your sermon was antiquated (a little hard for me at first) it was still very timely and touched me very deeply. It brought me to tears thinking of all that should and could be and how uphill the battle for truth will be. I am also sure that my life is on track to die in that struggle and take great solace that my death will truly bring life although like Christ I surely do not want to die, I will gladly for His sake. I

t is hard to live in this world of sin and degradation. I am not applying for sainthood.  I just feel the pain of the world mired within itself. Your sermon today helped me realize how necessary it is to keep struggling against seemingly overwhelming odds. It is my God who keeps me and gives me all I require but it is still great to know that I am not alone out here. There are many other ways I relate to the sermons I receive from you and I thank you for your work.

I have taken enough of your time and simply say Thank you God for giving me life.

Love & Peace,

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