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Comments by Joyce - 6 Oct 2007

In Reference to: 31 May 1992 - ONLY LOVE CAN TRULY BIND US TOGETHER


I just read your sermon "Only Love Can Truly Bind Us Together"

Well, Christianity or the Bible doesn't seem to really include love having people really being close, except in the service of the Lord. The importance of attachment and the living expression of that is not really treated as being anything even worth commenting on or relevant or important, especially among those who are not family members. As in our culture, sex is the big thing - the marriage relationship.

What about people who aren't married? They can't have anybody to be really close to or to feel they love deeply and passionately, even if that has NO sexual connotations? Really bums me out. I have had men friends in churches. I have just had good, energetic talks with them week after week, and entirely innocent, but their wives were threatened, apparently, and interfered, or "let me know."

Several years ago, my neighbor had hugged me at church for about 3 years. Every week, same thing. Well, she made implications by saying, "You know, God does not approve of homosexuality." Boy, did I feel insulted!! I quite that church and never went back. The point is, if you show love except in a very casual, helping way, you are in danger of being accused of something or another.

The norms of our culture demand that you only express real love in indirect (by helping, or giving to) ways or casually. If you hug someone, it needs to be NOT fervently. I believe people need real love for each other, and need freedom to express that openly between them for real emotional health to occur. I don't believe the real flow of the Holy Spirit is possible without such freedom and open sharing. AND UNTIL WE HAVE THAT APPROVED FREEDOM, VIOLENCE WILL NOT GET LESS OVERALL. IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE REAL, FERVENT LOVE AND CLOSENESS BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS WITHOUT IT BEING 'SEX'.

The above is NOT a side issue. It is extremely important.


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