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Comments by Alexandra Raen - 4 Feb 2008

In Reference to: 31 January 1993 - DOES IT PAY TO BE HONEST?

Dear Frank!

Thanks for a great bit of encouragement! It is sadly our experience that many Christian people are quick to drive more nails into the coffin so to speak, rather than to encourage. We can understand that like Eliphaz they simply go with what is applicable in most similar situations perhaps, however, as Christians we need to depend on the Lord’s guidance more than on generalisations, isn’t it?!

We were at a church function this past Saturday and had taken our own vegan food. When it came up during the conversation about being veggie – one lady said ‘all veggies look weak and ill’. I mentioned that even though we don’t like to make a fuss – therefore we have brought our own food for example – but my son and I have not been ill, or off work, not even once over the past 6 years. She was quiet for a moment before she started saying, too right that veggie people shouldn’t make a fuss. Why should they expect to be catered to, if they choose to only eat vegetables?

I simply remained quiet. Then she said, ‘well, each to themselves’. Before the topic was changed. However, I was so saddened that even at a Sikh gurdwara (Sikh temple or place of worship) they would for example serve only vegetarian food so as not to offend vegetarians – and this has been my experience at a Hare Krishna temple also as well as a Buddhist temple! When I cannot help to compare these religions to my own (Christianity) I am grieved by Christians’ lack of compassion and consideration for vegetarians. They certainly treated us as if we have brought our choice of food over ourselves and should therefore rightly so be inconvenienced for it! In other words, they were driving nails in the coffin for us already feeling trepidation at attending Christian events when there is food, as daring to choose a vegan diet when most Christians follow a meat diet brings about some very depressing feelings as to how this choice to be vegan is going to spoil companionship. I’m not explaining it well, but I hope you understand.

Your sermon has greatly encouraged us after such an ‘Eliphaz and Job’ encounter.


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