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Comments by Alexandra - 4 Mar 2008

In Reference to: 10 March 1991 - WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE VENGEANCE?

Very well said Michael.

My sentiments exactly. The apparent vengeance of those who are full of compassion for animals does not make sense. Though as you say, it is possible to comprehend their anger and frustration with all the violent flowing of innocent and defenseless blood. An eye for an eye solves nothing - perhaps only creates more violence.

It is difficult to know what is the best and most effective course of action, as something MUST be done to try and open blind eyes. This sermon is a good way to approach things and mentally remain in the right (compassionate) frame of mind and not to get dragged down (or into) to the violent level and frame of mind of those we are trying to oppose.

Love in Christ to All,


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