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Comments by Steve Kaufman - 13 Apr 2008

In Reference to: 13 April 2008 - When Is a Church Not a Church?

A lot of people struggle with the same issues in the their churches. I wonder whether you might find common ground in noting that our faith teaches that God cares about all creation, and therefore it cannot be pleasing to God when any part of it is harmed.

The vast majority of harm by humans to animals -- suffering and killing -- is done for the sake of taste, entertainment, and other human pleasures.

We are called to seek first the kingdom, and this challenges us to put aside our human preferences and focus on what God wants us to do as stewards of creation. We can't avoid harming animals in this fallen world -- sometimes even accidentally or indirectly we harm animals, even with a vegan lifestyle. However, we are called to do the best we can, and ultimately justification comes from the mercy of God.

In Christ,


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