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Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 13 Dec 2008

In Reference to: 14 Dec 1997 - Jesus Christ Is Our Eternal Father

Dear Jerry:

Thank you for your comment and question, but we're not completely sure we understand your question, but here goes our attempt to answer it.

Since the time of Jesus, we totally agree with you, but during the early Hebrew Testament times, God did at times wipe out some people and animals, as He did with the flood, and as He did when He rained sulphur and brimstone down on the people of Sodom and the surrounding towns when only Lot and his family escaped.

God is totally righteous, and He is the only one who has the 'right' to kill. However, such killing is only of the physical body. He never killed any spiritual being, or the spiritual portion (soul and spirit) of any human or other animal.

Is this what you are asking?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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