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Comments by Jerry - 15 Dec 2008

In Reference to: 14 Dec 1997 - Jesus Christ Is Our Eternal Father

Itís very simple, whatever contradicts the law and the testimony of Jesus is of Satan.

There is no error is the Old Testament because itís recorded history. I said that there is a fake lord in the Old Testament who tells people to kill, which is not of the true God. For example; even in our day there are stories in the news who claim that God told them to put their child into a microwave and cook it. Bush said God told him to go to war. Others were told to drown their children in the bath tub.

The same thing went on in the Old Testament where some of the prophets of old thought it was God that told them to kill. You remember the story of Abraham, where Abraham thought it was God who wanted him to kill his son Isaac. If you re read the story you will find out it was Satan pretending to be God that told Abraham to kill. The real God came into the picture and told Abraham not to do it. If you know the true character of God you know he never tempts man to do evil. Only Satan does that.

ďto the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this it is because there is no light in themĒ Isa.8:20.

Thatís all for now.


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