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Comments by Susan - 29 Jun 2009

In Reference to: 1 July 1990 - OUR WRESTLINGS WITH GOD

Dear Reverend Frank and Mary:

Very appropriate message for me.

I am struggling terribly after learning about that truly unthinkable crime involving the kitten Tiger Lily.

Yes, I AM STRUGGLING WITH GOD! I find myself challenging Him; asking questions like…”How could you permit something so horrific to happen to one of your innocent helpless creatures?”

When I think about that helpless kitten, it nearly drives me to panic! I struggle with rage—imagining the things I could do to this person. I feel no sympathy—only violent rage and anger.

I cry now when I cuddle my own cats and tremble to think of how that little kitten suffered so. Why?

Someone once said that if Jesus doesn’t return soon, God will have to apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah! How much more can things degenerate than to torture innocents in the most horrific way imaginable and call it a joke.

Any thoughts or direction to particular biblical chapters would be appreciated. I feel so helpless and lost at the moment. I truly have lost much faith in humanity.

Thank you.


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