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Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 15 Feb 2010

In Reference to: To Love Completely or Not to Love

Dear Ruth:

We agree that 'love' is a very general term in English, but in Greek it has three specific meanings: friendship, brotherly love, and unconditional Godly love. If you read the sermon, you should see that we are describing the latter, and that the only way we can truly live in this Godly love is to be vegan.

Animals do have personhood, and as the Bible states in Genesis, they were created as living souls just as we were. We have also addresses this issue in many other sermons and writings. And it is Christian, too, but the term, personhood, is not use in the Biblical context to describe animals, so we need to address it a little differently, such as saying that if we go to heaven, so do the animals, because God created us all as living souls, or by saying that they have emotions and feel pain just as we do.

Most of our audience in not vegan, and many are mainstream Christian. The Bible clearly describes the concessions God allowed sinful human beings as a way of limiting their evil activity in order to bring them back into His heavenly will. Unfortunately, most Christian clergy and leaders try to justify their evil acts by claiming that God wants people to live in these concessions and they twist and distort other passages, and teach these things to their congregations. We have been working for decades to counter their depraved hardness of heart, and lead people back into the heavenly will of God, and it is working.

Almost every day we hear from people that we have given them back their faith and/or that they are becoming vegan.

We really do have the same compassionate goals, which is the reason we like working with you, but we also have different approaches to reaching our audiences. We hope you understand.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary