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Comments by Dana Albers - 2 May 2010

In Reference to: 16 April 1989 - TO KILL OR NOT TO KILL, THAT IS THE QUESTION

Hi Frank,

This was another great sermon - I must admit to you that I just started reading these, even though they have been coming for several months, and both times now, I have been blessed by what you said. This one was so good in that you made clear something that has always been bothersome - why in the world did God make all those awful laws?! (sorry if I sound sacrilegious!) You so eloquently tied the Old Testament up neatly with Jesus, in the New Testament - fulfillment of the law!

I must admit something else to you - to hear someone from a Methodist background speak as you do, so Biblically based - is something that is wonderful to see. My husband grew up Methodist and never learned about Jesus and what it means to have a personal relationship with Him. (He became a Christian in later years via high school involvement in Campus Life and Young Life Ministries.) I know that the Methodists were hugely instrumental in evangelizing our country and even taking the gospel out into the frontier. But my husband's family is so different from this, in that their Methodist church is much more focused on social action, to the exclusion of in-depth Biblical teaching.

Today, as I read this sermon, I was so grateful for and encouraged by your straight-forward, Biblically-based teaching - THANK YOU! I am going to just have to keep reading these every week now! :)

Love in Jesus

Dana Albers