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By Chip - 15 Oct 2011

In Reference to: 11 September 1988 - ALL OF HELL WITNESSED JESUS CHRIST’S VICTORY


Thank you for your reply. I was wondering what your conclusion was as to the scriptures I cited. (I really don't put much stock in Jewish theology. They were wrong in the first century, they are wrong still.) In Jesus' own words he said the Father is greater than I ..., I do nothing of my own initiative..., what the Father taught me I do...etc. Sure in a couple of scriptures he says the father and I are one, but that is not contradictory to the other verses.  It is a figure of speech. My wife and I are one, but not as a deity. My father and I are one, my given name is Frank III, my father is Frank Jr. his father Frank Sr. We all look alike, speak alike and shared many common interests, we were one on many levels. No one would consider us joined or linked as a spirit or a trinity, even though we both have God's spirit in our lives. (I should say had, he passed two years ago.)Anyway, it is the whole body of scripture that leads to understanding, not selecting a few verses that seemingly prove a preconceived notion.

Evolutionists engage in similar reasoning; they find a bone in ancient sediment an proclaim they have found proof of this or that. The reality is hidden in the glories of God's universal creation, not a fragment here or there. Bible research should be first, open minded and then, reasonable. Looking to enemies of Jesus for explanations as to his Messiahship seems an odd source to me. When one looks to the historical evolution of theology from the first century onward it is obvious Christianity mutated into "false religion" or Christendom. Christendom holds loosely to the principles of Jesus, but play fast and loose with the content of scripture; leaving the door open to interpretation and error.  One needs look no further than the Council of Nicea in 325 CE. It was organized by a pagan Roman Emporer and his decisions and verdicts are the basis of so-called Christianity to this day. It would be laughable if it were not so effectively divisive.

Christ said his disciples should all speak in one accord, that he was the WAY the truth and the life. Singular. Not many paths leading to life, only ONE. See Jesus' own words in the illustration at Matthew 7: 13,14. Few calling themselves Christians will inherit the Kingdom. Many serve two masters, the governments of this world and a perfunctory, pious pretext of serving Christ. Christians are suppose to be hated by the world. How many Christians do you see "being persecuted for my name's sake?" (John 15:20) We have these false Christian right now trying to outdo each other on the political stage, claiming one to be more acceptable than the other. The truth is neither of them are. They are both from the "ruler of this system of things." (1 John 5:19) Jesus said "IF (my emphasis) IF my kingdom were part of this world..." It's not. It's not capitalism or right-wing or democrat or republican, it is wholly Christ-like. Name me one hypocrite in politics that puts Jesus' will first. It can't be done.

Jesus' Father makes it clear he is a god exacting "exclusive devotion." (Exodus 20:5) If we look to man-made political solutions to the worlds problems we are denying the will and sovereignty of Jehovah. Confusing Jesus as a 1/3 part of the singular God Yahweh does the same thing. Satan has but one goal and that is to diminish God by confusing his people. Praying to Jesus or Mary or angel saints is wrong, worshipping Jesus or Mary or a Triune god that originated in Greek philosophy is wrong, giving honor to Jesus that rightly belongs to his Father is wrong, yet Christendom does it day in and day out. The apostle John when relaying Jesus' dream to scripture said of Christendom "get out of her my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues." (NWT) -Rev. 18:4.

Frank, you seem to be a dear sweet soul and very insightful in your Bible knowledge; please review what is said here and give it the consideration it deserves. Remember, just because we have believed something for a long time doesn't necessarily improve it over time.

I will be glad to answer your question as to my religion when you answer me one question first; "Would my religious affiliation change the message, from scripture,  as I have stated it?"