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Our Sermon Section
By Frank L. Hoffman - 12 Feb 2012

In Reference to: 12 February 1989 - LEARNING TO SEE THE TRUE INTENT OF MAN'S HEART (PART IV)

Dear Maynard:
This is exactly the point that we bring out in our sermon.
For some reason, probably their lust of their eyes, their lust of the flesh, or their boastful pride of life leads people to choose evil over good.
With most sinistors and reprehensitives in our government, there definitely seems to be a lot of pride of office and lust for money, if not for themselves, it's to keep them in office; thus, they go along with evil.
If we truly seek to do God's will, we can make the change, but to convince others, the change only seems to come about through having their emotions shocked enough to open their eyes, mind, heart and soul to the evil around them to the extent that they no longer want to be a part of it.
We just have to keep the pressure on by truly being a witness before and/or again them as vegan peacemaking children of God, that they are without excuse...

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary