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By Dana - 18 Mar 2012

In Reference to: 18 March 2012 - Why Should People Abstain From Flesh Foods?

Hi Frank:

I enjoyed this today, and appreciate how you always present your sermons grounded in scriptural basis.

I would like to know how you reconcile the whole sacrificial set up in the Bible. From what I see, it clearly was instituted by God, not only as acceptable but also a necessity for Israel to have forgiveness/communication with Him.

I realize and believe that this obviously was not His first and best choice, and also recognize that this system was eliminated with the coming of Jesus. The thing with which I struggle is that God Himself instituted this process of bloody sacrifice (ew) and obviously required the ultimate sacrifice in order to eliminate it.

I get that we may never know fully why, this side of heaven. It would help me, though, if you have any insight into this quandary.

I do not agree with some on Christian-veg who say that sacrifice wasn't instituted by God but was rather, a pick up from neighboring communities and peoples. I think this view does not indicate understanding of scripture which indicates God required a whole messy, sacrifice set up.

I love God and am appreciative and thankful for His saving grace and for Jesus love and reconciliation. I do not want to minimize what He did with trying to fit Him into my mold, what feels more comfortable for me. If it means that I will never 'get it' til heaven, I will live with that. I am just looking for additional Biblical insight and explanation, if there is any!

Your thoughts? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!